No Photo Limit

Its your big day. Regardless if it turns out to be 100, or 300, maybe even 500, ALL processed photos are yours with full download and print options. While we do not usually process the same shot more than once or sometimes depending on the photo more than a few times, these will all be yours and included in the price of the package.
(When taking the shot, we will take many, depending on the size of the group. We do this to make sure everyone is looking in the photo and not blinking etc.)

On-Site Time

When we book a wedding, we save the entire day for you!

All Photos In qHD 4K

All your photos will be crisp and clear with top notch quality for prints allowable up to 36" x 40"

Disc/Drive of all photos

While the main delivery nowadays is digital, we do still include a CD or a thumb drive of all your photos of your big day only IF certain requirements are met.

Release Form

Included with your CD/drive, a photo release form is included to allow you to print at any location. This form is only included IF a disc or drive becomes available.

"Forever Keep"

For the lifetime of our company and beyond, we will always keep copies of all your photos on backup in our vault drive. For any reason you ever loose your album, simply get in touch with us on getting them back to you.

Digital Post Editing

Done and included in your package. Usually takes longer than the wedding itself, but we do not shoot your wedding in photo form. We shoot in RAW imaging with our cameras, and do our own processing for color, crop and clarity after everything is done. This gives us more freedom to work with your shots and put our own touch on the photos.

Photo Delivery Timing

While we do our best to get them to you as soon as possible, this really depends on our demand and time for editing and post processing the photos.
Delivery time mentioned will always include the online digital gallery only.


While we do understand most ceremonies are not at the same location as the reception, we do mention locations. We do this because we do on more occasions than less go to multiple spots. We do this to cover other photos that the couple or bridal party may want. We have also done receptions on more than one single location as well. By understanding locations, we mean by having to physically get into a car and drive to the next.

*The following are included as add-ons*

"Getting Ready" Session

These are becoming popular sessions. Usually they include small details of your big day. These details include hair and makeup, small details of your dress, etc. They can also include a few photos of your bridal party and usually the mothers if present. Anything you want can be added to this session, all you gotta do is ask!


"Getting Ready" sessions included with weddings will automatically include 2 photographers as well. One male, one female to assure both sides are equally covered if requested.

Engagement Session

IMG_0018 (2018_03_23 02_40_24 UTC)
We always love when this is added to a wedding package or included. This gives the both of you a first chance to directly work with us and get more acquainted with how we do things, as well as get more comfortable in front of a camera.
Doing this also gives you the chance to see how we edit and our delivery methods of your photos to know for your wedding.
Show off your engagement with some loving and romantic photos! Engagement sessions cover a good amount of time and usually include plenty of photos to show everyone. We can also use the golden hour if the location used is acceptable.
- Golden hour is sunset photos are also available for engagement photos

Personalized Mobile Gallery App

Lets face it, cell phones are the way of the world nowadays. While our online hosting site is mobile friendly, the mobile gallery app is completely for mobile devices. They can be customized with a feature photo, and also become the app icon on your device. They come in light and dark theme, are compressed to save data, and are a direct way to see all your photos in your gallery without taking up any room at all on your phone. You can download from the app, share to online social media sites, etc all right from the gallery.
If you would like to see how the mobile gallery app works on your device, grab your mobile device and click on the photo to go to the link.
The preview sample gallery app only works on mobile devices. so you must be on a mobile device for it to work correctly.
This can be added ONLY if the entire wedding album is purchased

Custom Editing Of Your Choice

While every photographer has their own way to edit and deliver, sometimes certain clients prefer their own style. Within the 2 higher packages, as well as an addon, we can do this for you.
Some like more vivid color, while some like less. Some prefer tighter crop, some like photos of themselves smaller with more background.
We do understand that anyone can make black and white photos nowadays, we use RAW image processing. We have the power and ability to control every aspect of the tone color as well as any other color in the photos to make anything stand out more or less.
We will discuss with you on every bit of detail exactly what you want and your expectations of the edits.

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