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All our albums go live on our shop page. Here, the original sizes in HD can be downloaded as a whole album or individually. Additionally, you can order a variety of different size prints, on different types of materials. Posterboard, foamboard, canvas prints, even metal prints are available in sizes up to 16" X 24".

As an add-on to your wedding package, any price selected and paid with the wedding, will get you a Credit to the site for 1.5x the amount of whatever price you select! This is especially great for a digital package, as you can get extra credit to the site page to select all your own prints, your own materials printed on, and sizes you want... all delivered to your door!

Example: With your wedding package, you purchase a $50 credit. You would get $75. Purchase $100, get $150. Etc.

We strive to always offer the best prices and availability. Because of this, Pricing / Sizes update constantly with the market. Visit your PixieSet catalog, and click on the shopping cart to get the latest paper types, sizes available and prices

Why use a pro photo lab vs. a kiosk?

Yes,it is cheaper to simply take your digitals we give you along with your release form and get your photos printed anywhere, like Wal-Mart. It is cheaper, however like anything you get what you pay for.

The pros of a Pro lab - Quality

-Guaranteed! IF you get something that comes out wrong, we fix it, FREE!

-Thicker Paper
-Ink, NOT film layered
-Color Match to the original digital
-Guaranteed crop factors are correctly done
-Clarity, crisp and clear
-Focus, nothing out of place
-We re-check ALL orders placed to verify size, clarity, crop, etc.

Even canvas prints are done on a thicker material. These include real wood frames and correctly done edges.

Foam and Posterboard images include frameless mounting options.

Our metal prints will pop out your image! These appear in a 3d effect and are like no other on the market as the image is laser engraved into the metal. Also includes frameless mounting for a one of a kind piece!

Below is a reference to how a digital photo was auto processed at various locations. No corrections or settings were changed from the original digital photo:

Photo Quality

Photo Prints - Types of papers offered

deep matte
metallic paper

Mounted Prints

Canvas Prints