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No-Cost Weddings

In addition to our packages, all our wedding services can also be done free of charge to cover the event. While there are a few restrictions to how things are done and handled, they are not outrageous claims. Everything is explained below, and also explained during contract signing:

The only fee you will incur prior to your wedding is a one time $50 contract fee. This fee includes guaranteed booking. This will cover: All details of your wedding, All services requested by our company, locked down dates to ensure we are available for your wedding, explanations of how services are offered and delivered. The largest reason for this fee is date saving. When your booked, we hold the date for your wedding and we turn others away. When booked for free, without obligation, you could cancel the day before and we would be cancelled out for that day, which is usually a Saturday, our most demanded day. This fee is also non-refundable for ANY reason.

All services promised will be honored.

All your photos go onto our download website for purchase, which are broke down into categories. This can be 1,2 or up to 10 categories depending on what we cover.

Each photo will be available for purchase

Categories can include: Getting Ready, Ceremony, After ceremony, Bridal Shoot, Reception, and Highlights.

All digital files purchased come without watermarks, and in full qHD resolution.

Prints are able to be purchased from this album as well, and delivered to your home.

Tips are appreciated for our time and effort for your day, but not required. However, tips to us can include some surprising things from time to time!

For even further information, you can find our wedding contract in the Forms section, located under extras, then forms. These details can be found on page 8, section 24, 24a, 24b, 24c.