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How we do things:

With us, we do things a bit different than most. Any sessions, events, family photos, senior photos and yes, even weddings carry no cost! This means all of our services offered are free of charge to you. How do we afford to do this? Simple. This is all explained below:

Any session will not carry a cost. This means we will schedule and meet to do your session free of charge. Everyone loves this because there is no up front payment made to us, so there is no obligation to having your photos done.

After the session, all your photos will be uploaded to our album site.

All the photos that go here go under purchase, at very reasonable rates - Usually come in at $5 per digital download. There is also a 10 downloads for $40 option, as well as a heavily discounted whole album buyout!

These can be purchased individually, or at an even more discounted rate if the entire album is purchased.

Prints must also be purchased from the same album, and are delivered to your home.

All the digital files, as well as the prints all come at full resolution and  Full HD quality, and will contain no watermarks.

By buying only exactly what you want and nothing more, you control how much your sessions cost! Take 1, 2, 10 or all of what you want!

Tips are also appreciated at the time of sessions for our time, but are completely up to you and not required. However, by tipping, it may carry exclusive deals on your album!

By doing sessions this way, your completely in control of everything you want!


This however, is an option you can take with us. Most everyone does go this route, as they have the final say on what they want to spend as far as their sessions go. The $5 per digital download is only a standard, and in different types of shoots and situations can be more or less. This will always be discussed with you before your session, and final agreement is decided and made before leaving after we are done, which is documented and signed.
Most everyone we have ever done a session for this way always ends up purchasing the entire album. We find most everyone likes this type of arraignment, because they are not putting money out for something they cannot yet see.
Before we begin shooting, you do have the option to pay up front. This will be a set, determined cost for the session, and if agreed and paid before the shoot begins, all your digital downloads are free and unlimited. Additionally, you will have the right to take your digitals anywhere and print them as you choose too at any location.
*No-Cost Session prints MUST ONLY be purchased from your online album.
For more details, or any questions on how this works, feel free to send us a message, Facebook messenger will always be the quickest method of contact: Click here to send us a message on Facebook