This is where you can find answers to a few of the questions we are usually asked. More is added as we find FAQ necessary, however if your question is not below, feel free to send us a message.

Professional Lab vs. Store Kiosk?

There are  a lot of benefits to using our lab vs a kiosk. All these details can be found in a more in depth details page found Here

Do you have a photo booth?

Currently, no. However, in the future we do want to add this as an option to anyone who may want to rent one for any occasion.

Do you have Wedding packages?

In a short answer, yes, they can be found here: Wedding Packages. However, we do encourage you to design or build your own to fit your needs.

When do we pay for services?

For sessions, amount is always paid at the time of the services.

For weddings, we do require a deposit depending on the package selected to hold dates. Deposit is due within 10 days of speaking with us on date availability. After 10 days with no deposit or communication, we may give your date to someone else without warning.

While we do not for sessions, we ask is if times or dates change, please let us know as early as possible so the dates can be freed up for someone else if the dates are needed. Summer time is a high volume time.

What is the Wedding Payment Plan?

The wedding payment plan was introduced for higher wedding packages as the demand for them grew. While it only applies to the Platinum and Diamond packages, we will apply it to any package built that totals more than one thousand dollars ($1,000).

The deposit would be due on contract as usual to hold the wedding dates as applied to any package. The remainder is broken down in any way you like, up to a year. There is a few restrictions that apply if payments go after your wedding, however none are unreasonable.

There is NO credit required, and nothing is checked. The wedding contract on section 22 further covers the details of this.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash on-site at the time of services, or Paypal. If your paying by credit or debit, please keep in mind you will have to still use Paypal online or on the app on your phone. Service and/or debit fees are covered by us. You may also use the "Payment" tab on our website found in the menu above.

What if my session is rained out?

We try our best to make sure every session goes on without a hitch, however weather will always be our worst enemy. In the event of rain, we will not go outdoors to cover sessions. While everyone has a hectic schedule, we will do our best to reschedule to fit your needs and availability.

We will always be in touch at least 24 hours before your scheduled session to let you know if we believe weather will cause a problem.

What is acceptable for a photo shoot?

If the photo shoot is outdoors, wear what ever you like and are also comfortable in. While everyone likes a different type of photo, we have had clients climb trees, hang over bridges, etc. The preference is your choice, as well as bringing other clothes to change into if the location permits it for you to be able to change somewhere on site. Bring anything if you want it included even in one photo, we do not mind. As mentioned, photos are not limited, you will get everything that is covered in your session.