Chroma-Key Visualization - $100 (Setup Included)

An exaple of Chroma-Key. Faded above is the original image taken. Then, the completed image. Details include lighting attributes, size, clarity, placement, color toning, 3d effect, focal adjustments, etc.

***** Only available by home / business setup *****

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The above is only one of many examples of Chroma-Key editing. Remember, with Chroma-Key, anything is possible. Anything can be adjusted and edited.
Our studio is indoor use only. We do have a setup at our location, but it can be transported to another if necessary. Please keep in mind this cannot be setup anywhere, and we hold the right to setup and use depending on circumstances. Chroma-Key requires special screens and lighting to work correctly, as well as space. So if transported to location, other lights to the room would need blocked off and changed as well as all space for required size cleared out.

For more details on Chroma-Key, send us a message to discuss space, lighting and availability.