Changes To Business


All contracts have been updated

Boudoir studio is ready to go!

Added a model call for anyone willing to take on a boudoir photo shoot!

Added a Boudoir tab to the top. Currently in setup and testing

Added a "Random Photos" tab under the galleries. Here, anything that is not portrait or person related will go here. While every photographer has a different eye for photos and a different editing style, between the now 4 galleries you can get a better idea and understand ours. As always, any questions feel free to ask us!

New forms have been uploaded to the site. Under extras, then "Forms" tab. These include copies of anything that will be required and any types of events under special requests and circumstances if any apply.

The ability to purchase RAW files are now available. While this carries its own set of limits and requests, as well as an additional charge, it is considered a benefit to some clients. Please review the "RAW File Release / Request" form which can be found in the Forms tab located here on our site under extras, then forms.
Amother update to the wedding contract has been applied, Payment Plans. This info can be found on Section 22 of the wedding contract, found on the Wedding Contract tab up top, then by clicking the Wedding Contract link. Email us for anymore details.


Added a few new wedding packages, as well as some changes to photo credit options.
Details found on our Wedding Packages link up top.

An ad for $10 off has been applied, and is running through the end of June, 2018. Mention ad when booking to save!

Going forward, ALL sessions, aside from weddings, will NO LONGER include discs and release forms mailed to the client.
ALL albums for sessions will go to our Affiliation page, PixieSet. From here, Full resolution images can be downloaded, and saved to a computer or phone.
After downloading, you may place the images on your own flash drive, or burn them to a disc to be taken to have printed.
Digital release forms will be emailed to the client for printing at stores or kiosks in various locations of your choice.
From our PixieSet page, prints may also be printed from your image selections by selecting an image, clicking the shopping cart, and selecting material and size.

Alternately, IF you chose to have an actual completed disc with release form mailed to your house, An additional $20 WILL BE APPLIED to your session.
Changes in pricing to our print fullfillment center have been made to be even more competitive. To see these changes, click on PixieSet up top far left.
You can also visit your PixieSet Gallery at the link and PIN given to you, and click on the shopping cart to see the new prices as well.

A wedding contract is now in place for all weddings. Already booked clients will be contacted, and gone over with them to ensure a smooth wedding.
A wedding contract eases the minds of both the owner and the client to cover details and what is expected.
An online version of the contract can be found on our Wedding Packages page at the top.